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Overhead Water Tanks - Hygiene Plus Series Water Tank

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Ocean hygiene series is a 100% antibacterial tank which kills the dangerous germs and bacteria inside the tank, if the water is kept more than an hour in the tank. With the European Technolgy Ocean Hygiene ensures 100% hygiene in bacterial free water for your domestic application.

This is the new revolution in drinking water storage industry This hygiene series are much required in Kerala, because state is suffering heavily from e.coli bacteria. A study is that more than 86% of the well water is polluted by e.coli bacteria which can cause water based diseases such as diarrhea, cholera etc. Ocean hygiene series is a solution for all of this problems.









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Water defines our very existence, there is no question about that. But one can always distinguish between the serenity of pond water and the strength of demonic stormy waves of an upset sea. The point is, water can become the ultimate cause of our misery sometimes, even though it plays the role of God in sustaining our lives.

You might be wondering how the demonic waves add up to the situation if you’re perfectly safe and sound in the confines of your home. Well, wait till one of your unattended drains get clogged or not-so-durable pipes burst with a blast, flooding your entire home in a trice!

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