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ocean polymers Thrissur
Ocean Polymers
Ocean Dust bin
ocean polymers Thrissur
ocean group of companies
ocean PVC
Ocean Polymers
Sump horizontal water tanks
ocean septic tank price
Ocean Dust bin
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Water tank Manufacturers in kerala
ocean polymers Thrissur
ocean group of companies
ocean PVC
Ocean Polymers
Sump horizontal water tanks
ocean septic tank price
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AboutOcean Polymers


is the biggest plastic moulding company in south India. It has a state of art manufacturing facilities in Injection-Moulding, Roto-moulding, Extrusion-moulding. OPTL is into manufacturing of Water tanks of different varieties, sizes, which starts from 300 litres to 20000 litres. It is also into manufacturing of RPVC, UPVC, CPVC Pipes, fittings, Flex, Garden, H.D.P.E Hoses, Industrial products such as Dust-Bin, Chemical Tanks, Industrial Boxes, Containers, sustainable products such as Septic Tanks, Bio-Gas plants. OPTL has also engaged in the Manufacturing and Marketing of WPC(Wood Polymer Composite) Doors, Frames.
Ocean Polymers
Mission& Vision

To serve the Nation by being a responsible plastic moulding company that will pioneer in recycling proper re-use of plastic products and help in nation rebuilding by providing quality and affordable products which will up-lift to living standards of its citizens.


To be the best plastic moulding company in India and the best choice in the Globe at large for plastic products and to serve the customer with the best
and responsible plastic products at reasonable prices and excellent after-sales services.

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As time passes by uninterrupted, Ocean Group scales new heights & clears new frontiers. Keep track of our offices & distribution networks here.

ocean polymers Thrissur
Offices and Manufacturing Units
  • Thrissur 7
  • Pathanamthitta 1
  • Kannur 1
  • Salem 1
  • Coimbatore 1
  • Chennai 1
  • Banglore 1
  • Vijayawada 1
  • Hyderabad 1
  • Mangalore 1
  • Shimoga 1
  • Hubli 1
  • Udupi 1
  • Visakhapatnam 1
  • Vijayanagaram 1
  • Srikakulam 1
  • Distribution Networks
  • Offices and Manufacturing Units
Where the novelty begins.


Integrated with state of the art infrastructure and revolutionary three-arm biaxial technology,

Ocean creates premium storage tanks, industrial products, fittings & accessories

of exceptional quality, manufactured solely by the utilization of food-grade materials. Our reliable products guarantee zero contamination to the stored water and render durability & stability in the long run.
Food Grade Products
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Ocean polymers receiving an award
OurSuccess Story

ISO 9001:2008 was awarded to the Company in June 2011 by DAS Certification Ltd. Hampshire U.K

Its Managing Partner Mr. Philip A. Mulakkal is a recipient of "GANDHIYAN VYAVASAYA PURASKARAM” in the year 2004.

Ocean group has involved in the relief activities for rehabilitation of Tsunami Victims.

Obtained NSIC-CRICIL SE-2B rating for "High Performance Capability and Moderate Financial Strength


Ocean best PVC pipes in Kerala
PVC Pipe White

The Ocean Group produces the best PVC Pipes in India that can withstand chemicals, temperature and pressure variations to a larger extent than the other pipes. Our White PVC pipes are an excellent choice for drainage and irrigation practices. Manufactured from high-grade raw materials, they are moulded into a wide range of dimensions. You can read more about the features of our White PVC pipes here below. Data related to the different dimensions in which the pipes are manufactured is given in a table below.



Ocean White PVC Pipes are cost-effective, easy to install and best PVC pipe in Kerala. No electric/ heat source is required for installation. A simple cutter, chamfering tool and CPVC solvent will only be required to install 100% leak-proof jointing.
The absence of scaling, pitting and leaching ensures a smooth internal surface to the White PVC pipes. This helps to get a smooth and full bore flow, with no water pressure loss and noise.
Ocean White PVC pipes come with an integral flame-retarding property, with a very high Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of 60, and thus, cannot support or sustain combustion.
Ocean pipes are food-grade (heavy metal free), supported by certificates from CFTRI, CIPET and RoHs (TUV). This makes our White PVC pipes well suited for carrying drinking water. 
They are also perfect for external use. You can install the pipes on the outside of buildings and they will withstand temperatures up to 60 C. The UV-resistant components of the pipe ensure that they do not lose their mechanical properties even under greater exposure to sunlight.
The pipes do not break down under the harshest of service conditions. Pipes can be laid directly under concrete slabs as they don't react with concrete. 
Ocean white pipes are self-insulating with lower thermal conductivity. This way there is no need for any extra energy spending. 
They are built for tough conditions with minimum offsets/ looping. They repel microbial growth and are also suitable for aggressive water with pH levels of less than 6.5.
Ocean white pipes are manufactured in standard sizes so that you will find no problem in attaching fittings and accessories. Ocean Group produces all the major fittings and accessories for plumbing works and addition to all this Ocean polymers are considred as one of the best cpvc pipes manufacturers
The high-tensile and high-impact strength of the pipes make sure that they will stand the test of time and you will be spared recurring maintenances.
Ocean PVC pipes can be laid for great lengths on an open field or under the soil. They are very useful agricultural irrigation and the supply of water across cultivation fields.
The pipes can also be used for decorative purposes or leisure activities such as DIY projects and crafts. The white colour of the pipes are a nice fit for such activities.

OurBlog Posts

How to choose the best pipes for plumbing.

by Ocean Group | 11/12/2019

Water defines our very existence, there is no question about that. But one can always distinguish between the serenity of pond water and the strength of demonic stormy waves of an upset sea. The point is, water can become the ultimate cause of our misery sometimes, even though it plays the role of God in sustaining our lives.

You might be wondering how the demonic waves add up to the situation if you’re perfectly safe and sound in the confines of your home. Well, wait till one of your unattended drains get clogged or not-so-durable pipes burst with a blast, flooding your entire home in a trice!

Now you got the picture, right?

See, we all know how chaotic it can get after a serious water damage at home, followed by shocking water bills(a headache for sure) and dwindling pockets & wallets after the whole restoration drama( more & more headaches!).

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Welcome To The Kingdom Of PVC Pipes

by Ocean Group | 11/10/2019

So you might have already read about why Ocean PVC pipes are considered as the best plumbing pipes for both industrial and residential plumbing needs in one of our previous blogs


Now that you’ve made up your mind to buy those, all that is left to do is to purchase them from Ocean Pipes and Fittings. But Uh-oh, what would you do if they ask you to choose from different types of PVC pipes? Well, for those who haven’t heard of the classifications of PVCs, this could be a really tricky situation. I mean, how can you possibly choose from the different shades of red, like ruby, cherry, and berry unless you have an eye for colors like an artist or something? Well, the same dubiety can overwhelm you while picking the right type of PVC. So before you go shopping for PVC pipes with reasonable rates, here are a few things you should know about the popular PVCs and their immediate characteristics.

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