Aboveground/Underground Tanks: Learn The Differences

Aboveground/Underground Tanks: Learn The Differences

When you’re given the choice between Pizza and Rice, I’m pretty sure there won’t be a moment of hesitation. You will definitely fall for the oozing flavor of Pizza. But what if you have to choose between Margherita and Pepperoni pizza? Can be quite hard, isn’t it?

Well, the same dubiety can happen while deliberating between above-ground water tanks and underground water tanks if you’ve ever been to a store in search of a good storage tank. 

Since both have their own tempting features, what normal people do would be weighing the pros and cons of both, and then deciding which fits in with their requirements and budget. Here in this blog, we will be doing the same; discussing the ins and outs of the two types of popular water tanks so that you can figure out how to pick the right one for the right need.

Aboveground Water Tanks:

For people who like everything out in the open, above-ground water tanks are the best. You can see it, touch it, and admire it anytime you want( It’s no pizza, still…)and of course you can run an overall diagnosis if something seems off since the tank is exposed all the time. And as for maintenance, frequent cleaning is absolutely easy with these tanks. Just need to pop the top and you’re good to go.

If you’re someone who likes to stay far away from any complications regarding plumbing, better get your hands on above-ground tanks. Not only do they provide easy installation but they also allow free flow of water due to gravity if kept at heights, which means you will be graciously spared from dealing with shocking pumping expenses. Happy? 

Not to mention how effective above-ground tanks can be if you’re planning on or already have established a rainwater harvesting system at your home. Ocean group has tanks that are carefully crafted with FDA approved virgin materials, incorporating three inner layers forming the tank wall which is completely capable of maintaining water temperature and procuring UV protection. Absolutely perfect tanks for rainwater harvesting, if you ask me!

Moreover, since the aboveground tanks are mostly kept on the roof, you can have all the space around your house for other domestic purposes.

Above ground tanks are so cool, but…

Although they possess a lot of qualities that you’re looking for, most of these tanks can become highly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. The changing temperature can affect the material of the tank, resulting in severe cracks followed by leakage (which is why at Ocean, we manufacture tanks with handpicked quality supplies that diminish this particular drawback to maximum). Plus, if you’re living in a windy zone, better keep the tank half-filled all the time. Otherwise, you will be enduring the sight of your empty tank blowing in the wind.

Underground water tanks:

Unlike aboveground tanks, the underground tanks are usually second picked due to the complications involved in their installation and pumping. But when it comes to security, this tank is the only ideal choice. As aboveground tanks are exposed to vandalism, the safety of the tank is in permanent jeopardy. This is when the underground tank becomes the hero of the day and comes to rescue you from this situation. Being well hidden beneath the ground, malicious jerks are not given any chances to bully your underground tanks whatsoever.

Furthermore, the cool field of the soil around the buried tank will keep the water inside always cool despite the scorching heat or bone-cracking cold lurking on the outside. There is no more blowing in the wind or cracking in the heat. Your tank will be as safe as houses!

Oh, did I miss to mention the major advantage of underground tanks? Well, I was kind of saving the best for last. Think about having a beautiful home situated in a beautiful landscape with no big water tank on the rooftop disrupting the wonderful view? Priceless, right? If rooftop tanks are the reason why the whole appearance of your house is being eclipsed, you should definitely go for underground tanks.

You can absolutely forget about worries on building slanted rooftops! Underground water tanks have their own amazing perks, see? Plus, you can lay lawns or driveways over the area where the tank is well buried. An added benefit!

Underground tanks are so nice, but…

You can’t expect to enjoy all these amazing merits of underground water tanks without squeezing your wallet a bit. Like I’ve said before, the installation can be quite expensive but I can assure you, it will be worth it in the end. Buying this tank will be like buying that costly shoe you’ve always wanted and got that marvellous feeling every time you wear it! 

Nevertheless, be prepared, for these tanks are high maintenance too. 

Now that you’re aware of all the goods and bads about the aboveground and underground water tanks, I hope this information will benefit you in the future when you are out to pick tanks. Anyway, despite your choices, Ocean offers both tanks with superb quality, durability, and excellent functionality. Check out our website oceangroup.net.in and let us know which tank caught your eye! Till then, keep reading our Latest Blogs and enjoy the day!

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