KIck OUt THe QUarantine BOredom WIth GArdening

 Ocean Garden Hoses to bail you out of dullness

A hanging cage with a bird inside used to be a fun sight for us. But not anymore since we’re literally living that cage-life in our homes due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the extending lockdown situation. Bouncy youth and buzzing adults are moving heaven and earth to find ways to kill time; mostly thrusting their faces in smartphones for binge-watching or playing random games. But these digital entertainments are definitely going to give you a headache sooner than later. Which is why you should invest your attention and energy to something productive and entertaining at the same time. 

Gardening can be an interesting hobby to embrace in this time of utmost loneliness and distress. You can take your mind off things by simply engaging with earth, and surrounding yourself with beautiful tiny saplings & shrubs. But before you set off to play with mud and seeds, make sure you have a good garden hose to aid your new friends from the dry soil and blistering heat. This blog will help you choose the best garden hoses from the many that are available. 

Does the quantity matter?

There are two types of people. Those who think that weighing hoses being hard and thick are not prone to any kind of wearing or tearing while the other group might go for the lightweight cheap hoses which offer easy-to-use features. Well, in either case, the result won’t be much satisfying.

Since we’re dealing with garden hoses here, it’s better to stick with optimum quantity. Too much weight would be inconvenient to work around while lightweight hoses can easily succumb to bends and curlings. Average-weighing garden hoses can spare you from this dilemma by offering good functionality at a reasonable price.

Gardening Ideas

A bit of Maths and Physics

Another thing to look out for while hunting for garden hoses is the inner diameter. The small inner diameter can result in less volume of the water being transported to the garden. If you have sprinklers, this can be a disaster since the low water pressure can keep them idle. Just so you know, the theory of using smaller pipes for high water pressure is a great misconception. It doesn’t work that way according to physics. Anyway, going with the average could be the best option while picking flexible garden hoses.

Looking into the material

Distinguishing the material out of which the hoses are made of can be an almost impossible task for the normal people. It could be vinyl, rubber, virgin material or recycled plastic and so on. Each one of them has their own merits and demerits. But the point is, you’re perfectly capable of selecting the right garden hoses if you have an eye for the detail. 

Make sure the hose surface isn’t too grainy. Pick the one with smooth surfaces but not too smooth it could scratch everywhere when dragged along the ground. Always check if there are any whitish shades left behind while making a U-turn with the hose. Those are the worst and should be avoided at all cost.

Transparency is not the best policy

What better way to see what’s going on inside the hoses than to buy transparent garden hoses that reveals everything! Sounds good but not that ideal whatsoever. Transparent hoses present a high tendency for algae growth because of the ample exposure of water to the sunlight. If Algae dominates the inside of the hoses, there can be a substantial reduction in the rate of water flow which will adversely affect the whole watering system.

Better not make that mistake, right?
Long story short, we’re at the edge of facing an epic economic crisis in the near future. Believe it or not, the days of struggling for food are not that far. Better to start cultivating eatables in your own garden before it’s too late. Ocean Garden Hoses can assist you with this new mission by providing stable and efficient irrigation throughout. Check out  Ocean High-Quality Garden Hoses at oceangroup to choose your favourite. Stick around for more interesting blogs.

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