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So you might have already read about why Ocean PVC pipes are considered as the best plumbing pipes for both industrial and residential plumbing needs in one of our previous blogs


Now that you’ve made up your mind to buy those, all that is left to do is to purchase them from Ocean Pipes and Fittings. But Uh-oh, what would you do if they ask you to choose from different types of PVC pipes? Well, for those who haven’t heard of the classifications of PVCs, this could be a really tricky situation. I mean, how can you possibly choose from the different shades of red, like ruby, cherry, and berry unless you have an eye for colors like an artist or something? Well, the same dubiety can overwhelm you while picking the right type of PVC. So before you go shopping for PVC pipes with reasonable rates, here are a few things you should know about the popular PVCs and their immediate characteristics.  

Plain PVC, CPVC, UPVC, PVC-M, PVC-O, Lead Reinforced PVC, and whatnot! You’ll be surprised to learn how many more varieties do actually exist that are not mentioned here. Don’t fret though. I’m not here to give a written lecture on each one of these, though you should know a thing or two about UPVC and CPVC pipes that are more popular and common in the markets, almost considered as all-purpose PVC pipes. First and foremost -safety, durability, and sustainability are some of the common qualities that come with these PVCs. 

UPVC pipes: The king of PVCs

UPVC stands for unplasticized PVC (rigid PVC) which contains no plasticizer in its PVC compound. Ocean UPVC Pipes are extremely efficient for the transportation of drinking water, soil, waste, sewage, drainage, and have several other industrial applications. This feature is reason enough for UPVC pipes to dominate the markets, nevertheless, their affordability and easy-to-handle nature make them more tempting. Not only do they exhibit high mechanical performance, but they also guarantee high durability( we’re talking at least 100 years) and high chemical resistance. And about the exposure concerns, these sturdy PVC pipes do not make easy prey to UV monster whatsoever.

As humans, we have quite developed a habit of trashing our nature in recent years by putting our technology and requirements first. In the middle of this non-degradable mess we have created so far, the recyclable UPVC pipes serve as a relief to the environment in contrast to our eco-trashing demeanors.

Another major crisis we come across while dealing with the PVCs is the unwanted affection between tree roots and the pipes. On one hand, your nature-loving side would hold you back from cutting those roots down but if you don’t, you’d be crying over the broken pipes and drainage disasters that follow it. You’d be left with the dilemma of choosing between cutting roots or broken pipes and you’d want neither of those. Well, here’s the solution for tackling this frustrating issue. The answer is simple: buy UPVC pipes. They hold high resistance to tree root intrusions and can ultimately save you from the hardships of dealing with root-pipe inferences. Furthermore, UPVC pipes possess high corrosion-resistance and they are totally safe from alkalies, acids, and electrolytic corrosion. There’s more but if I keep talking about their features, this blog won’t end anytime soon. So let’s skip to the next common PVC which has impressed a substantial amount of domestic and commercial customers by becoming a popular choice among the PVC pipes. 

CPVC Pipes: The Queen of PVCs

CPVC aka Chlorinated PVC pipes is known for its ductile advantages, superior strength, and unbeatable performance that deliver you with an ideal piping system for all sorts of piping applications. They possess excellent biofilm (a community of bacteria and other microorganisms) resistance which is exactly what you should look for while considering the conduction of safe drinking water. Moreover, if you’re worried about the temperature variations affecting the pipes in your location, I highly recommend Ocean CPVC pipes since they are very capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures without undergoing any deformities. Just like UPVCs, pipes and fittings made from CPVC pipes are totally recyclable.

Humans are easily tempted by good looks. Some of us don’t even care about the practicality of the product we’re purchasing once we fall for its attractive appearance. Wouldn’t it be great if these items we buy come with both good looks and powerful features? Of course, it will. Checkout Ocean CPVC pipes and you will know why.

Along with its remarkable qualities and affordability, our ivory-colored Ocean CPV pipes exhibit a professionally installed appearance that flawlessly balances the entire outlook of your residence or commercial building. Who wouldn’t love a touch of royal flair at the mansions, right? And as for the industries, what better way to conduct chilled and hot water than using CPVC pipes for hydronic piping distribution and chilled water piping?

As of now, don’t you feel confident to distinguish between UPVC and CPVC pipes when asked to pick one? Keep the above-mentioned characteristics of the pipes in mind so that you won’t be confused between your requirements and choose accordingly. But it’s totally okay if you can’t by heart all of it- the PVC experts at Ocean can give you a quick tour through our PVC pipe stocks to show and explain their qualities and applications. Visit our website at www.oceangroup.net.in and keep reading our blogs to get new insights.

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