Things you must know about septic tank systems

Septic tanks are an integral part of any household/enterprise, an entity which often escapes your mind once it is installed and buried safe underneath the ground. 

Months and years might pass before you will finally take notice of the septic tank issues that can be hard to neglect because friends, they can be very messy and stinky. 

This is not a rare situation, friends. Every house owner might have gone through the same at least once in their lifetime, maybe more than once. Our responsibilities don’t end with the purchase and installation of septic tanks. There are certain things we should keep in mind for the proper maintenance of the septic tank system, and in this blog, we will be discussing that. 

Unclogging ain’t easy. So stop clogging! 

As long as there are pipes involved, you should really restrain yourself from flushing out whatever you like into the system. The whole septic tank system is not designed to accommodate things other than human waste and toilet paper. Dumping feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, baby wipes, diapers, cotton swabs, etc. into the toilet can create clogs in the main drain, which can cause damage to the functionality of the entire system.

If clogged, better call a professional septic tank cleaner to deal with the issue since there could be a lot of things we don’t know about the operation of septic tanks that only professionals know. It’s better if we keep our hands off certain things to avoid costly septic tank repair works. 

Choose the tank wisely

Frequent replacement of old septic tanks with fresh ones isn’t practical, which is why you should take double care while purchasing tanks. Remember, the tank is meant for the long run. You should look into the quality of the material of the tank and the strength it holds.

Make sure the tank is sturdy enough to resist the pressure variations underneath the surface and to withstand the external pressures like a fallen tree or a heavy vehicle. Another point to consider while buying a septic tank is it should have a frame that makes the septic tank pumping task easier.

Little microbes are inevitable

Not all microbes are dangerous.  Apart from a few, most of the microbes are helpful to humans one way or another. Being the decomposers, the absence of these helpful microorganisms can lead to the undecomposed solid matter accumulating in the septic system, which can end up in backed-up drains. 

When you sanitize the toilets with bleach and other concentrated cleansers, the good microbes in the system get destroyed, which hinders the proper breakdown of the waste matter. Use mild cleaners to leave the microorganisms alive if you don’t want backed-up drains flooding your backyard or bathroom. 

Regular septic tank maintenance

Proper maintenance is the key to avoid expenses when it comes to septic systems. If you are going to overlook the task of septic cleaning at regular intervals, be ready to empty your wallets for the pricey septic tank repairs. The one thing you can do to avoid this mishap is to run regular maintenance checks for septic tank systems by consulting it with septic professionals. 

The septic tank specialists can assist you with solutions for all kinds of septic system problems and drainage issues. These regular checks will also support you to figure out when the pumping requirements will be needed so that the tank can last long.

Had fun reading our blog? Make sure you take these points into account while going for a septic tank purchase or carrying out the maintenance procedures. Stay in touch with us for upcoming blogs.


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