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Offering a highly efficient Storage

W A t e r t a n k s

Ocean Group previously named as Victoria Polyform began in 1998 under the able leadership of Mr. M.P. Aipunny Master, a retired headmaster and father of Mr.Philip Mulakkal, the present managing partner of the company. The firm gained rapid progress under his rightful guidance. It has gained NSIC Crisil SE – 2B ratings.

A unit for manufacturing high end plastic water tanks; we grew rapidly from a 4,00,000 litres per day unit to 10,00,000 litres per day unit. Ocean water tanks and pipes has been accredited with coveted ISI from Bureau Indian Standard (BIS). Revolutionary Three Arm Biaxial Technology changed the look of manufactured water tanks. This feature increased the production efficiency of water tanks. The other popular water tanks offering wide choices for the customers are Ocean Brand Automatic water tanks (200-20,000Liters), designed to prevent water overflow, saving water and electricity.

  • Ocean Super and Ocean Black (both 300-20,000 litres),
  • Ocean White(Three layer And Four Layer 500-5000 litres),
  • Ocean Capsule( Black , Blue or White, Double layered 2000 litres),
  • Ocean Loft( Single layered 225/325 litres),
  • Ocean Sump( Black single layered, Vertical 1000 litres
  • Ocean Sump Horizontal (Black single layered 3000 litres)

With its corporate office situated in Thrissur District (cultural capital of Kerala), Ocean Group has a wide network all over Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry ensuring better reach to the end customer. It has support offices in Coimbatore, Salem and Chennai. The Ocean Group has sister manufacturing units in,

  • Athani for ‘Super Ceramics’,
  • Thaliparamba, Kannur for ‘Aqua Regal Products’,
  • Pathanamthitta ( Adoor) for ‘Ocean Polymers’.

The Ocean Group of companies also produces Septic Tanks, Insulated Containers, Dust Bins, Road Safety Cones and Road Barriers. PVC pipes and concrete blocks are also manufactured by the Group. We have our network spread across Thrissur and Kerala. We own a fleet of trucks, tempo travelers and two wheeler to help in transport. We have our marketing through Chiles Marketing in Thrissur.

Overhead Water Tanks

We deal in high quality water tanks, which ensure the complete purity of the stored water. These water tanks are extremely durable and sturdy. These tanks are popular for home usage as well as industrial usage.

  • Ocean Capsule
  • Ocean White
  • Ocean Black
  • Ocean Automatic water tank
  • Ocean Super
  • Ocean Blue
  • Ocean White 3 Layer

Underground Water Tanks

The range of vertical sump tanks that we deal in is available in the capacity of 1000 liters. These vertical sump tanks are utilized to store water either as Underground water tanks or in special cases as over head water tanks. For additional strength we have designed vertical and horizontal ribs in the vertical sump tanks. Our range is reasonably priced and proves to be durable in the long run.

  • Ocean Sump Horizontal
  • Ocean Sump Vertical

Loft Tanks

Our range of plastic loft tanks finds usage in household kitchens, hotels and in other industrial units. These loft tanks are perfect for indoor usage, and can be hoisted onto ledges. These plastic loft tanks are available in capacities ranging from 225 to 325 liters and provide high resistance against corrosion and external pollution. These tanks are widely used for storing water in house boats and fishing boats to store drinking water.

  • Ocean Loft White
  • Ocean Loft Black

Septic Tanks

Its automatic water tank (200 to 20000 liters) has become the ultimate choice of the customers. It is a common experience that overflow from the tank is not stopped in time resulting in wastage of water and electricity.

  • Mini Jumbo and Jumbo
  • Ocean Septic Tanks

PVC Pipes

Ocean manufactures pipes for multiple uses in our day to day activities. Pipes in Ocean come in different sizes for several uses in our core activities. 

  • Ocean PVC Pipe Grey
  • Ocean PVC Pipe White
  • Ocean Bend and Pathi

Other Products

We offer a range of plastic dustbins which can be put to use in homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels and industrial units. These plastic dustbins can be availed in various shapes and colours. Our entire range has proven to be extremely durable and resistant to cracking and leakage. Available in 120 liters.

  • Road Traffic Cones
  • Ocean Insulated Containers
  • Ocean Dust Bin